My New Abode

The month of March was one of the craziest and busiest months of college yet. I never realized how much work really went into moving (especially during finals week)! I finally moved out of student housing and into my own little studio apartment. Most of you may not know this about me, but I originally was accepted into Ai for Interior Design. I took a class in high school and had my portfolio all ready, until I went to an open house and spent more time talking to fashion teachers and students. I realized I only liked the decorating aspect and the rest of the work just didn’t interest me. (plus, I can’t draw for the life of me)

I was so excited to finally decorate a place of my own, and I kind of went Pinterest crazy. Since I am a college student, I wanted furniture that was young and fun, but I didn’t want it to look like a dorm room. Most importantly, I wanted everything to be affordable, which called for a few DIY projects. Most of the furniture and decorations I bought were pretty reasonably priced from places like Big Lots, Home Goods, Ross, Marshalls, and Tj Maxx. I also purchased my chevron futon from, where I also recently purchased more decor (which I am still waiting for in the mail). I was so surprised to see how adorable and affordable their Home section is online. I was nervous to buy a futon online before actually sitting on it, so I just went to the store and felt a similar one they carried.
Here are just a few pictures of my studio apartment:
I am obsessed with trays for little tables (this was just an old table my sister had from college). I found this tray in the Kitchenware section of Home Goods for only $6.00. I also LOVE decorating wine bottles, they can make great decor (and as college student, we all know you probably have some left over wine bottles somewhere 😉 I just bought some paint from Michael’s and filled the bottles with the paint (they have mini bottles of paint for 99 cents). I also bought twine from Target for $1.00 and just wrapped it around the top of the bottle to give it a rustic look.
I love throw pillows, but they can be VERY expensive, so I went to Home Goods and found these
(which were also on sale)
This is just a picture of it all put together:) My mom actually found the yellow ottoman at Big Lots (on sale for $19.00).
Since it’s hard to really have a “living room” in a studio apartment, I decided to use a futon as my couch, so there was a place for guests to sit and hangout, but also a place for them to sleep. It makes a great couch because it’s the perfect size, and also makes a great place to sleep because it is very comfortable and when unfolded is comparable to a full size mattress. I was nervous to start mixing pattern with the futon, the throw pillow, and the rug, but I think it turned out well. I bought the little blue area rug at Home Goods (and it’s the perfect size for my little “living room” area). 

This is a picture of my bedroom (sorry for the Instagram editing, I don’t have the original picture anymore). I made my own canopy out of curtains, to make the room feel separated from the living room. I actually used these curtains in my last apartment, so I don’t remember exactly how much I payed for them, but I did get them off of Amazon. Hanging these up was super easy-I just poked 3 tiny holes in each curtain and hung them with command hooks, which I stuck to the ceiling (actually, my boyfriend hung them up because I couldn’t reach the ceiling). I tied each curtain together with fabric my old room mate gave me, thanks Michelle! I found the bedding set at Big Lots and the chandelier wall decal was from Joann’s (they always send weekly coupons).

I hope you all love my new apartment as much as I do! I got a lot of ideas off of Pinterest, but also just from looking at all the different home stores. My school is also connected to the Merchandise Mart, so I made a few trips over there to just look at the visuals. In case you guys haven’t seen my old apartment at student housing,  here it is:

Michelle and I put our apartment on Pinterest, not thinking that it would be so popular! We actually won a Starbucks gift card from having the cutest apartment decor.
(Which was very exciting and delicious)

Have a fabulous day,

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3 thoughts on “My New Abode

  1. Probably the most creative person I know! I remember seeing you make all these painted bottles, seeing them all turned upside down with paint dripping being like \”I wonder what she's going to do with these?\” And then to see this all put together is awesome. Can't wait to see more entries!


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