Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

The holiday season is here and that means… stress. Kidding, kind of. But really, the holiday season is upon us and that means that it’s time to start putting together those holiday gift lists so you can get your shopping completed before you start stressing. Lucky for you, I’ve put together a gift guide for those people on your shopping list.

For the beauty/makeup/hair lover:

Beauty products and tools – What other way to please the beauty and makeup guru in your life happier than to buy them new products! One of my favorite companies for beauty products is Scratch Goods. They carry locally made products and you can find some unique beauty tools from them as well (jade roller, gua sha, facial cups, etc.).

For the hair lovers and stylists:

New products for them to try out. I’m loving R+CO’s line of products. There really is something for everyone’s hair type (and the packaging is really cute).

For the cocktail lover:

Barware – a set of Moscow Mule copper mugs are great for the cocktail lover and host/hostess in your life! You can even print out a recipe and add a bottle of vodka and ginger beer with your gift.

(The ones pictured below are from Bed Bath & Beyond)

For the self-care lover:

Lather’s foot scrub and cream help rejuvenate tired feet and are great for an at-home pedicure. You can even add nail polish to complete the gift!

Meraki CBD Oil – For the person in your life who wants to chill out, this oil is perfect. You can add a box of tea to the gift! (They can add their CBD oil directly in the tea if they want to drink it). Use code GINA20 for 20% off your Meraki order.

For the foodie/baker:

A cake/food mix and utensils. This is one of my favorite brownie mixes from Safe + Fair. Get 20% off your order with code GEENI20. You can pair with a wooden spoon, bowl and oven mit! For the person who loves to cook, check your local food store for some fun spices or dip mixes. Cook books also make great gifts as well!

For the the fashionista:

Accessories – Hair accessories are a huge trend right now. Think headbands, hats, big barrettes and scrunchies.

For the person who likes to nap:

Custom Rest adjustable memory foam pillow – a pillow that’s perfect for the Netflix loving, comfy and cozy person in your life. Gift on its own or buy a throw blanket or slipper socks to put with it! Use code GINA20 for 20% off your Custom Rest order.

Netflix, Hulu or other streaming service gift card: What better gift for the person who loves their bed? Netflix and their bed are the perfect combo. Throw in fuzzy socks and they’re good to go for the rest of the winter.

For the fitness lover:

Muscle cream – The fitness fanatics need something for those days when they’re feeling a little sore from the gym. I highly recommend the Meraki CBD pain cream. Use code GINA20 for 20% off your Meraki order. If you’re not looking for a CBD muscle cream, you can go for Biofreeze.

For the traveler and on-the-go person:

Happy Spritz Essential Oil TowelettesThese on-the-go wipes are perfect for freshening up when you’re traveling (they can be used on the face, hands and body). Pack them in your carry-on and take them with you where ever!

Airline gift card: If there’s an airline you know someone often takes while traveling, you can purchase a gift card for them.

Uber/Lyft gift card: This is probably one of my favorite gift ideas because it’s the most practical.

Other gift ideas for anyone:

-Gift card to favorite restaurant, coffee shop or clothing store

-Amazon gift card

-Mug or thermos and flavored coffee or tea

-Stainless steel water bottle

-Phone stand (great for when you’re Netflixing or charging your phone)







– Bluetooth speaker

-Reusable straws

-Essential oil diffuser

-Waffle maker

-Himalayan salt lamp

When all else fails, just buy them Gucci 😉

Happy shopping!


Gee Nicolette

Dear You,

Dear You,

Have you ever heard of writing down your feelings in a letter to someone but never actually sending it? It’s something new I’ve been trying out the past few months and wanted to share my experience so far! We’ve all had feelings of anger towards someone, but anger is said to be a secondary emotion.

Writing out a letter to that person can help you dive deeper into your feelings and uncover what’s beneath that anger. The more we hold onto those negative feelings without letting them out, the closer we are to a breakdown (trust me, I’ve been there many times and it’s not fun). Writing a letter expressing your feelings towards someone and the things that you want to say to them, can help you process your emotions and find clarity in the situation. For me, it’s provided a sense of relief and allows me to assess why something or someone is bothering me.

Once you’re done writing your letter, rip that baby up, throw it in the trash or better yet, burn it and come up with a mantra to help you physically, mentally and emotionally LET IT GO. It may feel weird at first to write a letter that you’re not going to send, but just go with it! Let your emotions and the pen do the work and see what comes out when you start to be vulnerable. You may uncover some things that you didn’t even know were bothering you.


Gee Nicolette

November Intentions

November Intentions

October came and went very quickly. If you’re new here to this blog, at the end of each month, I like to reflect on how it went. I see how I felt and set intentions to work on for the next month. Without further ado, here’s my intentions for November:

November Intentions:

  • Work on using more ‘I statements’
  • Give myself 20 minutes to walk away from a situation and cool down when I’m feeling heated or triggered
  • Drink more gut-friendly smoothies
  • Get more use out of my oil diffuser and make some fall/winter blends
  • Hug more

Below you’ll find my ‘Intention Setting Worksheet’ so you can join me in setting your own!

Outfit details: Sweater from Athleta, Scarf from Pink Jules, Hat from Squasht Boutique, Purse from Upstairs Boutique and shoes from DSW.


Gee Nicolette

Stop Saying ‘Yes’ All The Time

Stop Saying ‘Yes’ All The Time

Is anyone else a ‘yes’ person? I tend to use this word way too often and forget that I have the choice to say ‘no’. I’ve found myself saying ‘yes’ to things I don’t even want to do!

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a post that said “Stop saying yes to shit you hate.” This one really resonated with me because I am exactly that person (and I know many other people are too). I am always saying ‘yes’ because I never want to disappoint someone if I say ‘no’.

Most recently, I’ve realized that my cup runneth over and I don’t have enough time (or energy) to keep saying ‘yes’ to everything. That whole speech they give you before you take off on a plane about putting on your oxygen mask first before helping someone else, totally makes sense. We have to take care of ourselves before taking care of others. Show up for you first!

Saying ‘no’ doesn’t make you selfish or weak. It also doesn’t mean that you need to give anyone a super long explanation when you say ‘no’ (something I’m still working on). Obviously, this advice should be taken with a grain of salt (please don’t tell your boss ‘no’ when it comes to finishing a project). Say ‘no’ to the things in your life that are taking too much of your energy and aren’t bringing you joy- Marie Kondo your time.

If you would rather stay in for the night because you’ve had a stressful week, then do that instead of going out. If you want to silence your phone because you are craving peace and quiet, go for it. It’s not always easy to say ‘no’, especially if you’re not used to doing it (take it from me). It takes courage, so be kind to yourself. Put yourself first once in awhile and give yourself what you need.


Gee Nicolette

Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

Happy fall to all of you who love this time of the year! I am personally a summer gal, but I’ll take the Midwest fall scenery and fashion if I have to. In fact, I’m sharing some of my favorite fall pieces below!

Over sized off-the-shoulder sweaters

Muted neutrals

Duster cardigans

Chunky cardigans (because they’re comfy and can easily be thrown over a cami or tee)

Tall boots (I mean… isn’t fall about wearing leggings and tall boots? )

Scarves (so you can obviously hide the fact that you’re wearing a sports bra)

Layers on layers (because you end up taking them off and putting them back on as the temperature fluctuates)

What’s your favorite fall fashion piece?

Happy fall!


Gee Nicolette

October Intentions

October Intentions

Somehow it’s already October, which means another month to set intentions or in my case, try harder to work on last month’s intentions (hey, no one’s perfect). It also means it’s the season of watching Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town. In all seriousness, I believe that a new month symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start.

Here’s what I’m focusing on this month:

  • Recite affirmations to myself daily in the mirror (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it)
  • Avoid spending money when I’m bored or upset (an intention I set for September and am still working on)
  • Cook more and try new recipes
  • Disconnect and unplug more to enjoy quality time with loved ones
  • Unfollow accounts that are no longer bringing me joy (Marie Kondo your social media)

Set your own October Intentions! If you need some a little inspiration or guidance in setting your own intentions, I’ve put together a worksheet to help you. If you want to share your intentions, comment below or tag me on Instagram @geenicolette.

Outfit details: Sweater: Hazyl Boutique, Bralette: Enzee Boutique, Jeans: Athleta, Bag: 2 Sisters Boutique, Necklace: Francesca’s


Gee Nicolette

What Does “Healthy” Mean Anyways?

What Does “Healthy” Mean Anyways?

To be quite honest, the rise of social media has made me a bit confused on what the health industry is really about anymore. I like to think that my lifestyle and teaching yoga fall under the “wellness” category rather than “fitness” or “health” because I personally teach and practice yoga for the mind, body and soul connection. As much as I like to educate students on different yoga postures, there are poses that don’t work well with everyone’s bodies (especially if someone’s had previous injuries). That’s why there are modifications. The same thing goes with food.

I’ve spent the past few weeks looking at different websites for “healthy” recipes and majority of them led me back to Instagram and personal blogs (which I so appreciate because I love a good recipe recommendation). However, it gets to be a little tricky when there are influencers out there telling you something is “healthy” and then other accounts are telling you to leave that food out of your diet.

It can be confusing, frustrating and just plain misleading. Something that is “healthy” for one person to consume might not be “healthy” for another. If you too are feeling overwhelmed by all of the different information out there, I invite you to take a step back and think about what healthy means to you and your body. It looks different for us all.

Take every recipe, food/product recommendation, blog, workout video, Instagram account, Pinterest post, etc. with a grain of salt and try to modify with things that you know are right for your body. Food bloggers and cookbooks are great resources for meal inspiration but it’s important to keep in mind that the recipes they’re posting are what’s good for their bodies since they’re the ones consuming it.

Before you purchase supplements from someone promoting them to you on Instagram, look at the ingredients list and make sure your body can tolerate them. Do some research. Do a self evaluation before trying a workout video someone posted. Think of ways you can modify if your body needs.


Gee Nicolette