Self-Care During Election Season

Today we’re talking politics, well kind of. We’re actually talking about how the heck to stay sane during a global pandemic oh yeah, and the election. I’m sharing a few approachable self-care tips that we can all practice together. 1.) Limit your media intake time – While I know this one might seem obvious, it’sContinue reading “Self-Care During Election Season”

October 2020 Intentions

Hello October! Here we are greeting a new month. September really came and went quickly. As crazy as 2020 has been, this year seems to be passing by in the blink of an eye. With a new month, comes new intentions to focus and work on. How do I choose my intentions you ask? IContinue reading “October 2020 Intentions”

Galena, IL Weekend Guide

Since coronavirus put a bit of a damper on our 2020 travel plans, we decided to plan a local vacation in Galena, IL. Galena is located about 3 hours outside of Chicago and is a serene and peaceful place to get away. We had a great trip and were able to spend some time outsideContinue reading “Galena, IL Weekend Guide”