Quarantine Journal Prompts

Is anyone else feeling so many different emotions lately? While we are all staying in, this is a great time to grab a paper, pen and journal. Let out some of those emotions so you can process and hopefully find more grounding during this time.

I’ve put together a few journal prompts to help you get started.

  • What are you feeling in this exact moment? Write down all of the emotions that come up for you. Know that they are totally valid.
  • What can you control in this moment? Can you think of something that you can’t control and let that go if it doesn’t serve you? 
  • What are you grateful for in this exact moment? Write down everything that you can think of. Then, think deeper and pick out more things. Find gratitude in the common things.
  • What can you do to spread love in this moment? (Love for yourself, for others, etc.)
Keep calm and journal on!
Gee Nicolette

Love + Gratitude Meditation Script

I’m sharing a love and gratitude meditation script to help you get through this time. If you live with others, have them join in and feel the energy that we can create and let out into the universe when we come together. If you have a pet, meditate with them nearby. If you live alone, practice this meditation and share the script with a friend to practice on their own as well. We are all one and together we can share love and gratitude to all.

Set a timer and meditate with this script for 5 minutes.


Lay down, sit or whatever is comfortable. Whatever feels good in this moment. Close your eyes. Focus on the breath. Inhale love, exhale gratitude.

Breathe in love. Breathe in love for yourself, love for your family, friends and people you don’t even know. Fill your entire body with love and then send that love out to the universe.

Exhale gratitude. Exhale gratitude for your health, food, safety, nature, sunshine, plants, animals, loved ones, people you don’t even know. Think of things that you are grateful for in this very moment. There are so many things. Fill your body up with that gratitude. So much gratitude that you send it out into the universe.

We are greater together and together we CAN and WILL get through this.




Social Distancing Activities

As difficult as it may be to practice social distancing, it’s so important at a time like this when coronavirus (COVID-19) is quickly impacting our region. It’s important to think about people other than ourselves and put their health into consideration too.

If you are staying inside and practicing social distancing, I’ve put together some activity ideas to keep you busy:

  • Cook or bake something
  • Watch a movie (Frozen 2 is on Disney Plus!) And start a new show
  • Call or video chat with a loved one
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Create a new music playlist
  • Meditate, practice yoga or do a workout: there’s so many studios offering online classes and you can always find great videos on YouTube
  • Make a vision board
  • Take a bath
  • Read a book, listen to an audiobook or read an online magazine
  • Do a puzzle
  • Clean and organize
  • Do a face mask
  • Clean your makeup brushes
  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Build a fort or pitch a tent
  • Craft
  • Delete unused apps and old photos on your phone
  • Organize your bills
  • Pizza making night
  • Open some wine or whip up a cocktail
  • Play a board game if you live with others
  • Look through old photo albums
  • Follow some positive accounts on social media (I love dog accounts, positive quotes, and the good news)
  • Watch Ellen videos online for a good laugh (or another comedian)
  • Paint and color
  • Create Tik Tok videos

Let me know your favorite activities below in the comments!

Stay healthy, wash your hands and sneeze into your elbow.


Gee Nicolette