The Little Things in Life

I’m one of those people who buy something and only wear it once, but I’m finally starting to get out of that habit. Here’s some of my favorite things I love (and overwear):

Accessories, pointed flats and messy buns are my favorite things in life

 So comfy and cute, how could I not overwear them?

Finally invested in a pair of cat eye sunglasses-
I always break mine, so I just got some Jennifer Lopez ones from Kohl’s

Earrings- I feel naked without them. As you can probably tell, teal and blues are my favorite colors. I like to have unique earrings so I like to shop at local boutiques for them!


I love scarves, you can pair them with anything and they are great for any season!
Floppy hats and my Hello Kitty shirt from my best friend of course- Thanks Danielle!

Some random favorites in life
The Fault In Our Stars, if you haven’t read it, go read it- So amazing!
This Ralph Lauren gown from the Met Gala
and Yoga, of course
Have a wonderful day!

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