Geeky and Glamorous "Four Eyes"

If you’re like me you only wear your glasses for one purpose and one purpose only, to see (obviously). I used to just throw on my glasses when I didn’t feel like putting contacts in or wearing any makeup. I never realized why people wore fake glasses as a fashion statement. After my last eye exam I decided to get a pair of fashion statement glasses that I would actually enjoy wearing. Now, I barely wear my contacts because I love them so much. Here are some makeup tips for the girls with real or fake glasses out there:

  •  Switch to a powder or mineral foundation, as some liquid and creams leave marks on the bridge of your nose and cheeks
  • Big and defined brows always look great with glasses
  • DiorShow Mascara- It will be the best purchase you’ve ever made (I promise!) You can find it here
  • Make sure to use neutral eye shadows and define your eye with winged eyeliner-When applying your eyeliner, make sure to mimic the thickness of your frame
  • Bold lips, Bold lips, Bold lips- find my favorite shade here
Gina Nicolette

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