The Art of the Cuff, Ladies and Gents!

With sweater weather and boot season just around the corner I’ve had people ask me how to cuff their jeans while wearing a pair of booties. I decided to pull a few of my favorite images I found on Pinterest, along with links on how to properly cuff your jeans and wear them with those adorable boots! I also found a few pictures for the fashion conscious men out there as well. Here’s what I found:
You can find out how to cuff your jeans with a pair of ankle boots here
You can find a tutorial on different cuffs for women here

With the right pair of boots and jeans, this style can look awesome on guys!

Here are some different ways men can cuff their pants

I also found some denim tips that are totally worth the read! Read them here

Happy Fall,
Gina Nicolette

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