D.I.Y. Costumes

With Halloween coming up the question on everyone’s mind is, “what to be for Halloween?” The same question has been on my mind as I scroll through hundreds of ideas on Pinterest. I never like spending a ton of money on a costume, so I usually go through my closet and see what I can put together. Here are some fun and fashionable costume ideas:
1. Your favorite cartoon character- (mine is obviously Hello Kitty)
I tried to make this one more fashionable than a costume. 

2. Mermaid 
I simply tied a maxi skirt from Forever 21 and paired it with a swim top. The barefoot jewelry really makes the costume if you are wearing it indoors to a party!
3. Flapper or Great Gatsby
Look in your closet for some fringe and sparkly pieces and make the most “Gatsby” looking outfit you can. Don’t forget to add a headpiece!

A great costume if you’re going with a date
Or if you’re going out with your girlfriends
4. Your favorite TV character- 
I dressed up as A from Pretty Little Liars and bought a blonde wig from Dollar Tree and cut an “A” out and stuck it on my dress. Such a fun and inexpensive costume and everyone loved it!

5. Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski or any other characters from Saved by the Bell
6. The Spice Girls- (Never gets old!)

Happy Halloween planning!
Gina Nicolette

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