Cozy and Warm

We all know that fall has finally arrived (even though it feels like winter in Chicago). One of my favorite things to add to each outfit is a scarf because they’re cute, comfy, and warm! A cute scarf can really dress up a plain top or sweater and they make the whole looking like a marshmallow in your puffy winter coat a little cuter. Here are some of my favorite ones!
This is one of my favorite must-haves for fall. This is more of a wrap so when you are cold you can take it off and wear it around you! You can find this adorable houndstooth wrap and many other styles at Veruca Salt. 

I don’t usually shop at The GAP, but when I’m looking for outfits for work or school, I can usually find some pretty cute basics. I found the sweater and scarf (and bracelet) from Gap and figured they worked perfect together because of the colors. I love this look because the pattern on the scarf really dresses up the front of the sweater (because if you know me you know that I don’t usually wear basic clothing because I love patterns and prints).

This scarf from Express is a large infinity scarf (you can wrap it around three times). It’s so adorable and keeps you warm (and has sequins on it and who doesn’t love a little sparkle?!)
I actually love it so much that I have it in a nude color (below) 
Happy Fall and Stay Warm!
Gina Nicolette

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