Rachel Green’s Fashion

Everyone knows Jennifer Aniston’s iconic character from Friends, Rachel Green. If you’re anything like me you have seen every Friends episode out there and make references to real life situations. Not only did everyone want the “Rachel Green Haircut”, but we all wanted her effortless style. Here are some of my favorite Rachel Green looks:
When she pulled off a mini skirt with high boots, and still looked classy.
When she was about the only person who looked fabulous in denim during the 90’s.
When she pulled off the high socks look way before Ariana Grande at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

When she pulled off the high waisted shorts with tights look, and that famous haircut.

When she pulled off the turtleneck and long pencil skirt and still showed off her curves.

And last but not least….

When Rachel got off the plane…

and pulled off the t-shirt under a tank.

Now you can binge watch all of the seasons of Friends.
Gina Nicolette

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