Thanksgiving Outfits

Whether you like to dress up for Thanksgiving or not, I always like to be comfortable (stretchy pants are a must). Here are some ideas to wear to your Thanksgiving parties:

A Comfy Sweater 
I like it because it’s cute and comfy!
Sweater – Pink Jules Boutique (can be worn as a cowl neck or off the shoulder)
Booties– Steve Madden

A Tulle Skirt 

Because it’s got an elastic waist band, duh. I like to pair it with a plaid shirt
Plaid flannel– Veruca Salt
Necklace– Forever 21
Tulle skirt– Kohl’s
A Sweater Dress
Because you can never go wrong with a sweater dress- cute and stretchy
Dress– Philosphy from Marshall’s 
Boots– old from Kohl’s 
Necklace– Icing 

Happy Thanksgiving all!
Gina Nicolette

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