Who doesn’t love a good compliment? Every time someone repins something off your Pinterest board you can admit that it’s a validation of your good taste. We all get that same feeling when someone compliments something we are wearing or how we did our hair/makeup. I thought I would share some recent compliments I recieved so others can copy and get some of their own 😉 

This nail color 

It’s Loreal Paris #705 fashion’s finest
 The “big puffy thing” on my purse 

These puff balls are everywhere for like a ridiculous amount of money. I just bought one from Alta’rd State for $12 and put it on a purse I was already using 

Sparkly elbow patches 

I paired this with white slip on sneakers. A young mom came up to me and said I she would have to order a shirt like this to wear to her son’s baseball games. It’s a good sporty/girly outfit. I love any shirt with fun elbow patches- sparkles, leather, etc. 

Happy Shopping

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