DIY Pom Pom Shorts

I’ve been searching everywhere for some cute pom pom shorts but haven’t been able to find them so I decided to make some of my own! The easiest DIY and honestly so cute.

Here was my inspiration from Pinterest:

Instead of sewing my own shorts I just found a cute comfy pair I liked (just make sure they aren’t denim if you are doing the no sew way- the glue doesn’t hold well on denim)
Here’s what you need:
•Shorts- mine are lyocell fabric and the glue held well on them
•Unique Stitch- you can find at Joann’s 
•Pom Pom trim- I have both a small and large trim pictured just depending on how you want your shorts to look
•Fabric scissors to cut your trim
•Pins to pin your trim to your shorts
Pin the trim to your shorts and cut to your liking.

Apply Unique Stitch and press down. Let it dry before you work on the other side. 
Voilà!! Now you have some cute pom pom shorts! 

Happy Crafting!
Gina Nicolette 

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