Stacks On Stacks (Of Necklaces)

What does one do when they can’t choose which necklace to wear? Why they wear them both, of course! Layering necklaces is my newest craze because I love accessories and have WAY too many necklaces to count (yet never enough). I’m a 90’s girl so I am here for the choker trend and I’m not about to let it die down anytime soon. If you’re with me, get yourself a choker and start layering up! If chokers aren’t really your thing, play around with pairing shorter and longer necklaces together. It’s fashion, so it should be fun and personal to your own style 🙂
Location: Catalyst Ranch in Chicago, IL
Jacket: Veruca Salt 
Tank Top: Athleta 
-Choker from Pink Jules Boutique
-Gold Triangle from Jimani Collections
Hair: Curled with the Conair Infinity Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand
Photography: Rorie

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