Featured Cocktail: Shaken Tipsy Lemonade

The holidays are coming up and that means holiday parties.. and drinks. I’ve put together a few delicious cocktails that are sure to be a hit! Today’s featured cocktail: Shaken Tipsy Lemonade. Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more holiday cocktail recipes!
Tipsy Lemonade
You will need:
Poppilu Lemonade -I used Passionfruit and Blueberry Lavender flavors.
  The number of bottles needed depends on how many people you are serving. One bottle makes two drinks. 
•Vodka-I used a half of a shot per drink only because I am a light weight! 
•Cocktail Shaker
• Ice

Combine lemonade and vodka to cocktail shaker. Shake well and serve over ice!

Alcohol free cocktail idea: Lemonade and Sparkling Water

Drink Responsibly.
Gee Nicolette

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