It’s YO:GA O’Clock

Yoga is something I try to incorporate in my daily life, whether it be a daily at home practice or in a studio. I enjoy how it quiets my mind and helps me focus on my breath. I recently started incorporating inversions into my daily practice as there are so many benefits from yoga inversions.

Whether your inversion level is crow pose, handstands, or just legs up the wall, you should try to incorporate inversions into your everyday life so you can soak up some of the great benefits!

Benefits of yoga inversions:

•Inversions reverse blood flow and improve circulation
•Increases shoulder, arm, and core strength
•Increases immunity and helps prevent illness-just what you need during cold & flu season
•Gets your body moving and helps to wake you up! 
•Helps to improve your balance 
•Legs up the wall helps to calm the nervous system and can leave you feeling more relaxed-do this before bed for a good night’s sleep (add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your hands to enhance the relaxation)


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