A Little Love For Everyone

Every Valentine’s Day I search for the perfect card, no matter who it is for! I usually go online and personalize a card from Cardstore (which is great because they ship it for you) or search for a cute Papyrus card. This year I decided to switch things up and craft my own cards (I probably spent less on craft materials than I usually do on cards from the store;). I headed to Michael’s (with a coupon) and some inspiration from Pinterest.

What you will need:
  • Blank Cards and Envelopes (I used a brown card stock but they have them in other colors) 
  • Scrapbooking Letters
  • Scrapbooking Stickers
  • Scrapbooking Paper- I found a mini book with different patterns & colors
  • Decorative Craft Scissors
  • Glue
The best part is that you can do whatever you want with the cards!

I simply cut out scrapbook paper and glued it to the blank card. 
I found the cutest popsicle stickers to use for this and figured I would keep the extra for a summer birthday card. 
I have terrible handwriting so I heavily rely on scrapbooking letters 😉 
If you are going to mail the card, you can cut out another little piece of paper and put it at the top for the return address. 
I also bought really cute decorative paper bags for gifts and a mini clothes pin to attach the card!
Here are some cute ideas for your own DIY cards:
Cute sayings for that special someone
  • Use hamburger scrapbooking stickers and write “Nice Buns” for a funny and flirty card
  • Glue a Queen or King of Hearts card and write “Queen/King of My Heart”
  • Glue candles or scrapbooking stickers and write “You Light Up My Life”. This one is great for friends/family (and of course your Galentines)
  • Puzzle pieces-“We Just Fit”
  • Flamingo stickers-“Single and Ready to Fla-Mingle” (definitely my favorite haha)
  • Pizza stickers-“You Got a Pizza My Heart”
  • Fries sticker -“Fries Before Guys” (obviously

The blank cards & envelopes came in a 12 pack so I got a little carried away and started making birthday cards and other special occasion cards! More to come…
Happy Crafting (and Valentine’s Day)!

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