Caffè Shakerato con Gelato

Just because it’s still winter, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a Caffè Shakerato con Gelato. I was inspired to make this refreshing beverage after watching Bobby and Giada in Italy on Discovery+. If you haven’t watched it yet, make yourself a Shakerato to enjoy while you start watching!

What is a Shakerato you ask? It’s an Italian-style shaken iced coffee. This beverage is perfect for a pick-me-up. It’s also great to pair with brunch or sip on for an after dinner treat! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Recipe makes 2 servings.


• 2 scoops gelato (Vero Gelato and Talenti are my favorites)

• 3-4 ounces hot coffee or 2-3 shots espresso, whichever you prefer

• 3-4 ice cubes

• Whipped cream (I use the Reddi Wip coconut or almond milk one)

• Cinnamon or cacao powder


In a mason jar or cocktail shaker, combine gelato, ice, and coffee. Shake until gelato has melted. Pour into a glass, top with whipped cream, sprinkle on some cinnamon or cacao powder and enjoy!


Gee Nicolette

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