March 2021 Watch Guide & Drink Pairings

Another month of quarantine down means more shows and movies checked off the list. I’ve put together my top favorites and recommendations below and put together a drink pairing for each. Happy watching and cheers!

Ginny & Georgia (Netflix): Think Gilmore Girls but with a dark twist. Pair with a whiskey sour.

Good Girls (Netflix): Theres comedy, crime, and drama, could you want anything more? Pair with Rosè.

I Care A Lot (Netflix): A thriller and comedy with a dark twist. Pair with Cabernet.

Moxie (Netflix): For the feminists and change makers of the world, this one is for you. Pair with Pinot Grigio.

Marriage or Mortgage (Netflix): Couples choose between a wedding or a house and the struggle could not be more real. Pair with Prosecco.

The Last Blockbuster (Netflix): A documentary about Blockbuster and the last one that still exists in Oregon. Enjoy a trip down memory lane. Oh, don’t forget – be kind rewind! Pair with a Spiked Shirley Temple, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, or any other drink from memory lane.

Operation Varsity Blues The College Admissions Scandal (Netflix): If you’ve been following the huge college admissions scandal from 2019, this is a must-watch for you. Pure insanity! Pair with Zinfandel.


Gee Nicolette

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