Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

Happy fall to all of you who love this time of the year! I am personally a summer gal, but I’ll take the Midwest fall scenery and fashion if I have to. In fact, I’m sharing some of my favorite fall pieces below!

Over sized off-the-shoulder sweaters

Muted neutrals

Duster cardigans

Chunky cardigans (because they’re comfy and can easily be thrown over a cami or tee)

Tall boots (I mean… isn’t fall about wearing leggings and tall boots? )

Scarves (so you can obviously hide the fact that you’re wearing a sports bra)

Layers on layers (because you end up taking them off and putting them back on as the temperature fluctuates)

What’s your favorite fall fashion piece?

Happy fall!


Gee Nicolette

A Trip To Indy

A Trip To Indy

Whenever I travel to different places, I tend to fall in love with the cities. There’s something about the public transportation, hustle and bustle, and local businesses that make me excited to explore. I recently visited Indianapolis and wanted to share my experience. This is the perfect road trip destination because it’s not too far from Chicago and still has a lot to offer. It’s also a great place to stop along the way if you’re headed to Nashville!

What to See:
Soldiers and Sailors Monument/Monument Circle is located in the center of downtown, which is a great place to start your visit and walk around. 
Where to Eat:
Garden Table is a farm to table restaurant and juice bar. They have two locations in Indy (Mass Ave. and Broad Ripple). This is a great spot for brunch, dinner or to grab some appetizers. 
Top: Blooming Jelly on Amazon can be found here.
Ring: Icing- similar style can be found here.

Where to Drink:
Easley Winery offers wine tastings and tours. Wine tastings are available daily and cost $5.00. Tours are available Saturday and Sundays at 12:00pm and 1:00pm. 
Where to Stay:
There are a lot of hotel options in downtown Indy. Another great option is Airbnb. They have some cute “retreat” spots available. Some popular ones: 
Photo Opportunities:
Mural outside The Alexander hotel. Bonus if you are driving because it’s in a parking lot (except it is a private area so grab your photo quickly). 
Now it’s time to book your visit to Indianapolis!
Gee Nicolette 

White Boot Love is True Love

White Boot Love is True Love

My Chicago folks! What has been happening with this crazy weather? Snow one week, then rainstorms, sunshine, and now upper 80s! It leaves me waking up in the morning wondering what the heck should I wear? I stored my winter coat in the back of the closet and do not plan on taking it out until next Winter. Since the Winter seemed to be never-ending, I did a lot of shopping and ended up with way too many boots and booties. However, I am definitely not having buyers remorse about my white booties I picked up from Nordstrom! (but then again, I never have second thoughts about any of my purchases haha). I love these booties so much that I refuse to put them in the back of the closet with my Winter coat. With that being said, I will be wearing these booties this Spring and Summer (and basically until I can’t wear them anymore).

White is such a classic and season-less color that you can get away with wearing any white merchandise all year long! (Don’t let anyone fool you with that no white after Labor Day nonsense). 
Here, I paired my white booties with my new favorite Spring jumpsuit. OH, and my new Spring haircut! 
Jumpsuit: T.J. Maxx. Find other styles here
Sunglasses: Find similar here
Shoes: Nordstrom. Find here (and on sale now!)
Gold Cuff Bracelet: Find similar here