I interviewed fitness coach/online trainer, owner of Body By Bay and dear friend of mine, BayLeigh Bingham. We are talking all things health and fitness! 

BayLeigh thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions.

Gina: What made you want to get into fitness coaching? 

BayLeigh: I have always enjoyed nutrition and fitness since I can remember. The best part about my job is helping people and seeing them become so happy by their transformations with my programs. I truly feel so grateful everyday for this path. 

Gina: What types of services does Body By Bay offer?

BayLeigh: Body By Bay offers a lot of different services. I offer meal planning, meal tracking (via an app) as well as custom meal plans catered to each individual client. All of this is either online or in person. I offer both. All workouts can be done AT HOME. That is the BEST part! No gym membership needed. 

Gina: Since you are based out of LA but have clients located all over, what do your coaching sessions look like?

BayLeigh: So if I have people wanting to work with me but they don’t live in Cali that is NOT an issue. Most of my clients are all over at the moment. From Chicago, Phoenix, Wisconsin to Missouri, etc. My clients really enjoy online coaching. They get custom workouts sent to them weekly, meal plans and have someone constantly tracking what they are eating and helping them to stay accountable. Most of my clients have said they love the meal tracking because they feel I am always watching and don’t want to disappoint me (Ha! I didn’t know I was so tough) 

Gina: How often do you communicate with your clients?

BayLeigh: I am in contact with my clients everyday and Skyping with them at least once a week. I think that is so important to keep close contact so I can always get an idea of how they are feeling or if something isn’t working for them, we can change it immediately for the upcoming weeks. 

Gina: Meal prepping has become increasingly popular. I myself get a little overwhelmed with having to prepare meals for the week. Can you share any tips?

BayLeigh: So my clients who have me meal prep for them say its a DREAM. Lol to have somebody literally plan out your whole week of meals and all you have to do is get your groceries (or I can order the groceries for you if you are not wanting to do that part either) is quite a treat! For my clients who I don’t meal prep for I always say if grocery shopping is stressful, then they are doing it wrong. During the week my clients all try to eat a very balanced diet and to do that it should mostly be pretty simple. A good meat, a vegetable and a carb. There are lots of ways to switch this up to keep it fun during the week. 

Gina: What does your typical fitness routine look like? 

BayLeigh: I workout 3-5 times a week and on the other days I am going hiking or taking my dog to the dog park, getting a good run in, something active. But never putting too much stress on it or that is when people get burnt out quickly. 

Thank you again for taking the time to share, Bay!

Wow, I love that she mentioned not to put too much stress on working out. How often do we all beat ourselves up about trying to get a workout in and somehow life gets in the way? I know I do! I find it easier to get a workout in when I don’t put too much pressure and stress on myself. I have to say, BayLeigh has motivated me to get up off my computer and get a workout in from the comfort of my home!

If you are interested in fitness coaching or learning more about the services BayLeigh offers, visit bodybybay.com or email bay@bodybybay.com 

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