Himalayan Salt Block Cooking

We all known Himalayan salt is a huge trend right now (salt lamps, caves, seasonings, etc.). My sister  recently gifted me a Himalayan Salt Block used for cooking and I am already in love.
If you’re a foodie or love to cook, you should definitely consider investing in one of these babies! You can purchase one at a specialty cooking store or online here. You can cook with your salt block on the grill or over a gas stove. If you want to serve cold dishes on the block you can chill it in the refrigerator. 
There are so many benefits to cooking with a Himalayan salt block:
•Adds healthy minerals to foods (Himalayan salt is better for you than table salt) 
•Enhances flavors of foods (no need to add a ton of seasoning to food- just a little EVOO)
•Holds heat longer (this is great if you are using your salt block to serve food on at a party)
•Easy to clean

Happy Eating!
Gee Nicolette 

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