Finding a Hobby as an Adult

Finding a Hobby as an Adult

I recently posted a question on my Instagram Story asking people what their hobbies were. Several people reached out to tell me theirs and a few others said they don’t have one but would like to. This got me thinking… as an adult, finding a hobby can be pretty darn difficult. Between work, trying to balance a social life, a consistent skincare routine and everything else, it can be tough to find the time for a hobby.

However, it’s important to make time for something that makes you happy. We all have bad days or weeks and a hobby can help make those better (for me – sometimes a nap works too but hey, self-care comes in many forms depending on the person and day). I had to do some soul-searching to figure out my hobbies. Check out some of my hobbies below:

Gina’s Hobbies:

  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • Blogging
  • Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Yoga
  • Walking Outdoors

If you are also taking some time for self-reflection and want to try out a new hobby, here are some suggestions:

Ideas for hobbies:

  • Baking/Cooking
  • Volunteering/Activist
  • DIY/Scrapbooking/Painting/Drawing/Photography/Other Art Activity
  • Building Things
  • Crochet/Knitting/Sewing/Jewelry Making
  • Reading/Writing/Blogging
  • Hiking/Camping/Paddle Boarding/Kayaking/Outdoor Activities
  • Growing Plants
  • Wine and Beer Education/Mixology
  • Sports/Fitness Activity
  • Makeup/Beauty/Hair
  • Learning something new/Teaching Others

What’s your favorite hobby? Let me know in the comments!

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Gee Nicolette

Easy Snack Ideas

Easy Snack Ideas

Anyone else a big snacker? I love a good meal but I also love to snack throughout the day. I tend to crave salty and sweet, which gets me in trouble when I have cookies or chips around 😉. I’ve put together a few of my favorite delicious and easy snacks. I hope you enjoy!

Rice Cakes + Tea: Quaker Oat’s Gluten Free rice cake topped with Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter, banana slices and sprinkled with Safe + Fair’s Chocolate Granola. I paired this with Adagio’s Peach Oolong and added in a splash of lemon ginger juice that I get from my local yoga studio.

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Coco Whip + Berries: So Delicious’ Dairy Free coconut whipped topping paired with fresh berries is a great snack and dessert!

Banana Logs: I’m sure you’ve heard of the kid snack known as ants on a log (which is still delicious to eat as an adult in case you were wondering). I’ve made my own twist on the snack and call them ‘Banana Logs’. I thinly slice a banana and spread Justin’s Peanut Butter. Top with whatever you’re in the mood for: chia seeds, granola, chocolate, fruit, etc.

What are your favorite snack recipes? Share with me in the comments below!

Happy snacking!


Gee Nicolette

Himalayan Salt Block Cooking

Himalayan Salt Block Cooking

We all known Himalayan salt is a huge trend right now (salt lamps, caves, seasonings, etc.). My sister  recently gifted me a Himalayan Salt Block used for cooking and I am already in love.
If you’re a foodie or love to cook, you should definitely consider investing in one of these babies! You can purchase one at a specialty cooking store or online here. You can cook with your salt block on the grill or over a gas stove. If you want to serve cold dishes on the block you can chill it in the refrigerator. 
There are so many benefits to cooking with a Himalayan salt block:
•Adds healthy minerals to foods (Himalayan salt is better for you than table salt) 
•Enhances flavors of foods (no need to add a ton of seasoning to food- just a little EVOO)
•Holds heat longer (this is great if you are using your salt block to serve food on at a party)
•Easy to clean

Happy Eating!
Gee Nicolette 

Quick + Healthy Breakfast

Quick + Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast doesn’t have to be difficult (and if you’re like me you enjoy it for dinner or a snack). One of my favorite things to make is a breakfast quesadilla. It’s quick and easy to make and you can customize it based off of your liking (or what you have in the house)! You will need flour or corn tortillas, eggs (I either do scrambled or a fried egg), vegetables and arugula. 
Try it out for yourself and don’t forget to tag me in your photos on Instagram @geenicolette

Happy eating!
Gee Nicolette

A Berry Good (Easy To Make) Smoothie Bowl!

A Berry Good (Easy To Make) Smoothie Bowl!

Are you into the smoothie bowl craze as much as I am? Smoothie bowls are my FAVE, yet I don’t always want to go out to eat them. There are so many places that sell them, which is great when you’re on the go, but what happens when you wake up before those shops open or you’re craving a smoothie bowl when they close? I turned to my favorite store, Trader Joe’s to search for some ingredients to make my own smoothie bowl at home (and I was pleasantly surprised with what I found).
I had every intention of making my own base for the smoothie bowl until I found these Açaí Purée Packets. These packets make the whole smoothie bowl making process pretty seamless. You can defrost the packet and use it by itself, or you can mix it in a blender with fruits, yogurt, kefir, or whatever your preferred smoothie ingredients are.
I love chocolate anything, so adding cacao powder to smoothie bowls is a must for me. Check out the Fair Trade Cacao Powder from Trader Joe’s or you can find cacao powder at most other grocery stores. 
The Toasted Coconut Granola is my new favorite find from Trader Joe’s and I put it on everything, including my smoothie bowls. This stuff is well worth the money (I even add it on top of the dairy-free Chocolate Coconut Milk ice cream)! 
Top your smoothie bowl with your favorite fruits and voilà, it’s that easy! 
Happy Eating!!