Sippin the Tea

Tea is a delicious drink that has so many amazing benefits! I love Tiesta Tea because they categorize their tea so you can choose which function and flavor you’re looking for. Their five different categories include: energizer, slenderizer, eternity, immunity, and relaxer. I love the idea of categories because each day your preferred function could change. For instance, today I am in need of the relaxer function, but yesterday I needed some energy!

Each function has a variety of delicious blends and can even be used to make cocktails. In fact, I’ve teamed up with Tiesta Tea and Joriki Yoga to bring you a fun and exciting yoga & tea mimosas event on March 31st at the Joriki showroom. My blog readers get 50% off tickets! Purchase your ticket here and use code: gina50
Now, let’s go through some of my favorite Tiesta Tea flavors:

(because lavender everything)
Wearing Joriki Ikat Indigo Top, Give Back Mantra Tee, Ikat Indigo High Waist Legging 
Use code GINA10 for 10% off all Joriki clothing. 
Add champagne for an instant mimosa 
Wearing Joriki Ikat Ombré Top and Ikat Ombré High Waist Legging 
You can purchase loose tea online or head to your local Target or grocery store to buy the brewed iced tea. 
Wearing Joriki Ikat Indigo Top, Give Back Mantra Tee and Ikat Indigo High Waist Legging
Check out Tiesta Tea’s delicious flavors for yourself at the event on March 31st!
Happy Sippin!
Gee Nicolette 

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