Float Away With Float Therapy

You may have heard of Sensory Deprivation, also known as Float Therapy. I previously shared photos on my Instagram Stories of the float tank and received a lot of questions about the experience and why it’s beneficial. I first heard about Float Therapy from Groupon and researched it more to see what it’s all about. I knew that it was supposed to help you chill out and relieve sore muscles, but once I tried it for myself, I couldn’t wait to come back for more (so I purchased a float package)!
Here are some answers to the questions you guys had:
What are the benefits?
Just to name a few- reduces stress, improves sleep, reduces blood pressure, reduces swelling, decreases fatigue and helps to alleviate sore muscles and chronic pain.
How do you actually float?
The tank has 1,000 pounds of epsom salt to keep you floatiabove water. Your entire body is floating, even your head! The craziest concept for me to grasp was the fact that I didn’t need to hold my head up. Don’t worry, they give you ear plugs so you don’t get water in your ears!
Did you feel trapped in the tank?
Not at all! The tank is spacious and has enough room for you to lift your arms up if you wanted. If you are claustrophobic, you can leave the tank open while you float.
Is the water warm?
The water is set to skin temperature of 93.5° Fahrenheit.
Do you fall asleep?
The float sessions at the place I go to are 60 minutes long. It usually takes me a few minutes to settle into the space and really quiet my mind, but then I do fall asleep! The first time I tried float therapy I wasn’t able to sleep the entire time because I was still grasping the whole concept. I highly recommend going more than once so you can settle in and actually sleep and be more meditative during your session. 
If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post and I will answer. I highly recommend finding a float therapy place near you and giving it a try!

Float On!
Gina Nicolette 

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