Salt 2.0

I’m at it again with another post about…salt. Yes, another activity I was recently introduced to involves salt. Actually, Pink Himalayan Salt to be exact. Halotherapy, or salt therapy, is an alternative treatment that uses salt. Just the other year, I purchased salt lamps and became hooked! I read about the amazing benefits of these salt lamps- air purification, mood booster, sleep promoter, eases allergy symptoms, etc. One of my friends told me about “salt caves”, where you can lay in a room filled with Pink Himalayan Salt and reap all of its amazing benefits! So.. I got myself on Groupon and snatched up a deal for a local salt cave nearby (Naperville Salt Cave). 
This specific salt cave location is very calming and feels more like a spa. I called ahead of time to schedule my 48 minute session with my friend and one of the staff members instructed us to wear loose fitting clothes to fully soak in the benefits of the salt. They also told us to wear white socks inside of the cave (the ground is all salt too). 
Our appointment was actually with a group of other people. We put our things away in lockers- which is great because NO PHONES allowed! We each reclined on our own zero gravity chair with a blanket as they they dimmed the lights and we were guided through a meditation and pretty much put to sleep! There was zen music playing the entire time to help us fully relax. Out of respect for the other attendees, I didn’t take many pictures- but I was able to grab my phone from the locker afterwards and capture the below. When our session was coming to an end, we were guided out of our meditation and slowly re-awakened to reality.

I woke up feeling calm, relaxed and ready to conquer the day! I loved my experience so much that I am making it a priority to check out more salt caves regularly. If you are in need of a little R & R, I highly recommend giving halotherapy a try. 

Halotherapy on everyone!


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