I’m sure you’ve heard about the many benefits of CBD and how it’s being used to treat pain relief and reduce stress/anxiety. I’ve been using CBD products for the past few months and am so excited to share my top picks with you guys! I’m a huge advocate in only sharing my favorite products that have actually worked for me.

So here they are:

Meraki CBD Oil

I’ve been using the Meraki CBD oil before I sleep to help me relax and get a more restful sleep. I place 2-3 drops under my tongue before bed. Another great way to use the oil is to add it into your smoothies or tea. Another win: it has peppermint oil added so it doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste!

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Meraki CBD Pain Cream

I use the CBD Pain Cream to help with muscle soreness and inflammation reduction. It’s perfect for those days when you wake up with neck pain or are sore from a good workout (or just slept wrong).

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10th Avenue Tea Lemon Matcha + Hemp CBD

A great way to kick start your day? Matcha + CBD! 10th Avenue Tea has a yummy Lemon Matcha Tea Powder with CBD. You can make this either a hot or cold beverage. I love the on-the-go packets because you can travel with them and add them directly to a water bottle. I add ice cubes and a fresh lemon wedge to mine.

The ingredients list is short and simple: Organic lemon juice, organic green tea, organic monk fruit extract and CBD-rich hemp extract

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What are your favorite CBD products?


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