Allergy-Friendly and Delicious!

Safe + Fair is changing up the food game and I’m here for it. They create allergy-friendly foods at affordable prices (thank goodness) AND they donate 3% of sales to Stanford’s Allergy & Asthma research center.

Why I love them: Their snacks are delicious and affordable, they give back (always a huge win in my book) and have a variety of products (I need options people). Safe + Fair’s snacks are non-GMO and use real ingredients (yes, you can actually understand the ingredients on the label).

What exactly does Allergy-Friendly snacks mean? All of their products are nut-free. Each of their products are clearly labeled with a “free from” ingredients list so you know exactly what you’re consuming. Another thing to note: everything is made in a facility free from the allergens (I know nut free is a big one for people).

Do they actually taste good? YES! The snacks are delicious and I’ve been following the allergy-friendly recipes for the brownies. If you would like, you can use the regular recipe with eggs, milk, etc.

Sounds great, can I get a discount? YES! Safe + Fair is giving my readers 20% off with promo code GEENI20 AND right now they’re offering free shipping! Check out their goodies here.

Double Chocolate Brownies

Safe (+ Fair) Eating!


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