Fig & Prosciutto Pretzel Sandwich

If you’re in need of some lunch inspiration this week, I have just the sandwich for you. I was inspired to create this delicious Fig & Prosciutto sandwich from one of my favorite sandwiches at a local restaurant. I have to say, this version is pretty darn close to the restaurant one (if I do say so myself). Get the details of this tasty recipe below and add or substitute to your liking!




-Blue Cheese (I usually buy a wedge, but crumbled blue cheese will work too)

-Fig Jam

-Pretzel Bun

Directions: Slice the pretzel bun in half and spread fig jam on each half of the bun. Add prosciutto (for me, the more the better) and spread your blue cheese on top. Finish by adding arugula on top. Eat and enjoy!


Gee Nicolette

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