October 2020 Intentions

Hello October! Here we are greeting a new month. September really came and went quickly. As crazy as 2020 has been, this year seems to be passing by in the blink of an eye. With a new month, comes new intentions to focus and work on.

How do I choose my intentions you ask? I first think of things that haven’t been serving me well or things I’m trying to work on. For example, one of my intentions for October is to practice more gentle yoga. Basically, I’ve been experiencing shoulder pain after pushing myself to only practice Vinyasa style yoga. Well, I’ve learned my lesson and my body is asking me to go gentle sometimes (and to skip some chaturangas).

I invite you to think of some items you want to work on in your own life and join me in setting your own intentions for the month! Maybe it’s waking up 5 minutes earlier to enjoy your coffee in silence or maybe it’s to spend more time with loved ones. Whatever it is, write it down and come up with tiny steps you take every day to help you. Try not to be too hard on yourself, you’re a work in progress.

Here are my October 2020 intentions:

• Practice more gentle yoga (give my shoulder a rest from all of those chaturangas – skip ‘em or take ‘em from your knees) and slow down a bit

• Take breaks – whether it’s taking a lunch break, not texting someone back immediately, or walking away from a stressful situation, take a darn break

• Focus on things that make me feel good (food, activities, people, etc.)

• Soak up the beauty of the fall season and the change in colors (like really look and appreciate it, don’t just do it for the Instagram pic)

What are your October intentions? Feel free to share in the comments or tag me on Instagram @geenicolette.


Gee Nicolette

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