July Intentions

July Intentions

The other year I started setting intentions rather than New Year resolutions as a way to evaluate things I wanted to work on and change in my life. A few months ago while scrolling through Instagram, I saw someone post their intentions for the month. I loved this idea because our personal goals, mantras or things we are working on change month to month (sometimes even day to day). This is something I’m starting to incorporate into my life and invite you to do the same!

I’m sharing a few of my intentions for July:

  • Get my body moving everyday (morning and nighttime stretching)
  • Clean and get rid of things I no longer need
  • Read a book I’ve been wanting to read
  • Try new recipes
  • Show gratitude for loved ones and kindness to strangers
  • Be more present in the moment
  • Take more time to listen

What intentions are you setting this month?

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Happy July!


Gee Nicolette