Gratitude Journal

In honor of Thanksgiving, I am putting together a gratitude journal. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle, but it’s important to take a moment and appreciate everything we have. I have included daily prompts for your journal leading up to Thanksgiving and invite you all to participate. 
If you would like to share what you are grateful for, please share with me on Instagram and tag me @geenicolette

Gratitude Journal Prompts:
Monday, November 19th
Write a list of 10 things you are grateful for
Tuesday, November 20th 
Write a list of 10 people you are grateful for
Wednesday, November 21st
Think of three different obstacles or challenges you’ve faced in the past year and how you are learning from them. How have these challenges made you a better person?
Thursday, November 22nd
What is a tradition that you are grateful for (this can even be a new tradition you are starting)?
I am SO grateful for you all! 
Happy early Thanksgiving.
Gee Nicolette

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