December 2020 Intention Setting

Here we are – the last month of 2020. This is a good time to reflect on all that this year has brought us (both the good and the bad). It’s also a time to set intentions for the month and focus on the things we really want to work on. I like to set intentions because it’s a good time to reflect on the month and recognize things in my life that I want to focus and improve on. I hope you’ll join me this month in setting your own intentions so you can determine how you want to finish up the last month of the year.

My December 2020 intentions:

Spend more time in the kitchen (my happy place)

Focus on the mantraOther people’s opinions of me is not my problem’ (you can’t please everyone)

Be cognizant of using filler words and also saying ‘thank you’ instead of ‘sorry’ when appropriate

Feel your feelings (it’s okay to have a bad day and it’s also okay to sit with those negative feelings)

What are your intentions?

Happy end of 2020!

Me spending some time in the kitchen with my homemade lasagna!


Gee Nicolette

November 2020 Intentions

Writing intentions for the month of November seems a bit scary because there’s so much unknown ahead. What I do know, is that one thing I am in control of is my actions and how I respond to situations. This month, my intentions are centered on protecting my peace. I hope you’ll join me in setting your own intentions for the month!

Here are my November intentions:

• Limit social media use

• Be more mindful of using the word ‘sorry’. Replace ‘I’m sorry’ with ‘thank you’ when appropriate.

• Do more cooking! Nourish my body with foods that make me feel good.

• Practice more patience

• Tap into creative skills to get my creative juices flowing

Happy November!


Gee Nicolette

Fall Activities

If you’re looking for fun and safe activities to do this fall, I have you covered! I’m sharing some activities that you can do with your significant other, friends, family, or by yourself. Feel free to share your favorites with me in the comments below, or on my Instagram @geenicolette.

• Visit a pumpkin patch

• Pumpkin carving

• Hiking

• Movie night

• Pizza making night

• Fondue night

• Try a new recipe (cook/bake)

• Build your own hot cocoa or latte

• Build your own board (charcuterie, candy, breakfast, dessert, etc.)

• Picnic (indoor or outdoor weather permitting)

• Takeout night (support local!)

• Virtual class (dance lessons, fitness class, etc.)

• Wine or beer tasting at-home

• Board game or puzzle night

• Karaoke night

• Spa night

• Crafting

• Learn a new language

• Painting

• Clean, organize, and start a donation pile

• Create a vision board

• Start a new audio book or listen to a podcast (it’s so fun to listen to true crime podcasts with someone else & talk about it)

Enjoy and happy fall!


Gee Nicolette