Self-Love Activities This Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day is approaching, it’s a good reminder that it doesn’t have to be a holiday about fancy dinners and gifts. It’s a great time to turn inwards and practice self-love and self-care. While self-care does look a little different for everyone, I’ve come up with activities for you to try this Valentine’s Day to connect with yourself.

• Journal and do a brain dump on paper

• Get a massage or facial

• Take a bath or hot shower

• Go for a a nature walk

• Wake up to see the sunrise or watch the sunset

• Take the love language and apology language quizzes to get to know yourself better

• Make a vision board

• Grab a fancy coffee/tea or try making one at home

• Get your body moving (stretch, dance, etc.)

• Create a playlist with your favorite songs

• Read a book or a magazine

• Listen to a new podcast

• Manicure/Pedicure (at-home or a salon)

• Digital Detox

• Buy yourself flowers or a plant (visit your local nursery or flower shop)

• Visit a conservatory and enjoy the sights and colors of the plants

• Practice deep breathing exercises

• Declutter your space, get organized, and start a donation pile

• Light a candle or diffuse your favorite essential oil

• Cook/bake something

• Take a break because you deserve it and probably need it


Gee Nicolette

Practical Valentine Gift Ideas in 2021

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away and I’m here to bring you practical gift ideas for your special Valentine. Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating a significant other. Love is all around us – celebrate family and friends as well.

Here are some gifts your Valentine is sure to love and use in 2021:

Chocolate – This may seem obvious, but if your Valentine has a sweet tooth, chocolate is a must! Give a local chocolate company a try, small-batch chocolate just tastes so much better and you’re supporting a small business. Here are a few of my favorites: Chocolate Inspirations, Veruca Chocolates, Graham’s Fine Chocolates, and Cora Lee.

Coffee Grounds/Tea – There’s nothing like a delicious cup of joe or tea in the morning. Treat your Valentine to a new coffee/tea to try. Complete the gift by throwing in a mug or flavored syrup. Some of my favorite places for coffee and tea products are Brewpoint, Elle and Beck’s, Rook’s, Newport Coffee, and Adagio Tea.

House Plants – Flowers are always great, but house plants last longer and some even have great benefits like purifying the air! Support your local plant shop and nursery this Valentine’s Day. They’ll be able to provide you with recommendations and care tips.

Personalized Photo Puzzle – Has quarantine made anyone else become a puzzle person? Walgreens and Shutterfly allow you to create custom puzzles from your favorite photos. What a perfect gift idea and you can always spend quality time working on the puzzle together!

Hand Sanitizer – Spread love, not germs. This is the perfect gift for any and all Valentines. Give this lavender hand sanitizer from Pelindaba a try!

Lottery Scratch Offs – These are fun for your Valentine and you can even add a cute note that says “I won the lottery when I fell in love with you.” Cheesy, but hey- it’s Valentine’s Day. Hopefully they win big and hopefully they share their winnings.

Dinner At Home – Order takeout from your favorite local spot or cook a homemade meal for your loved one. Acts of services really do go a long way and show that you care. Check out Giada’s website for delicious meals and recipes. Maybe even order dessert from your local bakery to pair with your meal! Don’t forget to support local.

Alcohol – If your Valentine is a craft beer, whiskey, or wine drinker, this a great gift. You can pick up an assortment for them to try and maybe put together a little at-home tasting. Don’t forget the charcuterie or snack pairings!

Face Mask – All of the cool people are wearing masks! Please be kind and wear one – gifting them is cool too. One of my favorite boutiques, Angelina, has a great assortment!

Beauty Products – With all of the mask wearing and hand washing, our skin could use some TLC. A beauty face mask, body butter, face oil, jade roller, gua sha, etc. are all great. Scratch Goods is one of my favorite local Chicago companies to purchase wellness products from.

Sweatpants or Pajamas – I mean this one is kind of self-explanatory and probably the most practical. Are jeans even a thing anymore? Bonus points if you buy a matching sweatshirt & joggers outfit.

Something for the Home – We’re all spending a lot more time at home, might as well enjoy the space we live in. Get your Valentine a candle, artwork, cheese/cutting board, humidifier/essential oil diffuser, or a new gadget they’ve been talking about.

Book a Virtual Experience – This could be something fun for you both to enjoy together! Whether it be a cooking class, dance lesson, wine tasting, coffee brewing lesson, etc., there are so many virtual events out there and at affordable price points.

Do you have Valentine’s Day gift recommendations of your own? I’d love to hear them!


Gee Nicolette

What Therapy Has Taught Me Part 2

Back in June 2020 I was inspired to write a blog post ‘What Therapy Has Taught Me’, so here I am with a part 2. There’s no doubt that in going to therapy you learn a lot about yourself and how to communicate and navigate relationships with others around you. I wanted to share a few more things that I’ve learned throughout my time in therapy and things that I am working on.

You don’t have to respond to someone right away. You don’t need to be the person who texts back immediately (I used to think I had to be). Think, breathe, and then respond when you are ready. If you’re not in a good place emotionally and mentally, take some to self-care and come back to the message when you are ready.

When people show you who they are, believe them. This one is kind of self-explanatory but it’s so true. Fighting for relationships with people who don’t put in the effort to fight back, aren’t worth your time or energy. You can peacefully and respectfully set boundaries with that person.

Not all relationships will look the same. Going back to my last point of setting boundaries – evaluate your relationships with others. What category do they fall under? Are they your best friend or are they someone you discuss reality TV drama with? It’s okay not to have 20 best friends!

A support system is so important. Whether it be blood relatives or your chosen family, a support system is necessary. Think about your core people who validate your feelings, support, and love you. As hard as it is to say sometimes, we need each other.

Make yourself a priority. Take some time to learn more about yourself. Learn your love language, your communication style, your attachment style, etc. Once you get to know more about yourself – the things you admire and the things you want to work, your relationship with others will start to make more sense. Take the time you need to focus on self-growth – read books, journal, meditate, go for walks, or whatever it is that you do to connect with yourself.

Trauma is trauma, it’s all valid. No one’s trauma is more or less important than another’s. Remember that what you’ve been through is unique to you, try not to compare yourself to others.

Being uncomfortable sucks, but that’s when you start to see change and growth. There’s a quote that says “Great things never came from comfort zones.” When you feel uncomfortable, that means you’re challenging yourself and growing from it. Setting boundaries, saying no, not texting back right away, etc. are all uncomfortable things if you’re not used to doing them. Focus on the growth and progress you’re making when you’re feeling uncomfortable.

You have survived your worst days. Shit is hard, but you will get through it just like you always have. Seek support from your support system, therapist, or other professional if you need. You’re not weak if you ask for help. Help can even look like asking for a hug from someone or asking them to hold space and listen to you.

Give yourself grace. Working on yourself, doing self-reflection, self-growth work, and boundary setting is A LOT. Give yourself a pat on the back. You’re human, you’re going to make mistakes. If you mess up, know that it’s okay and try to move on from it. If you don’t stick to a boundary one day, recognize it and learn for next time.

Some resources for mental health and how to seek help are below:


Gee Nicolette