Netflix Recommendations October ‘20

The weather is cooling down, and that means more nights in (as if I haven’t already spent most of 2020 indoors). I wanted to share some of my recommendations on Netflix that I think you would enjoy too. Order carry-out from your favorite local restaurant and give one of these shows/movies a try! Feel free to share yours with me as well in the comments or on my Instagram @geenicolette.

Netflix Recommendations:

Dream Home Makeover – Get ready to re-decorate! This show gives major decor and home vibes. So many house goals!

Stay Here – We could all use some travel inspiration during this time!

Say I Do – It’s basically like Queer Eye but for weddings. You can expect lots of happy tears.

Queer Eye – If you haven’t watched this show yet you literally need to add this to the top of the list. It’s such a feel-good show and will restore your faith in humanity.

Schitt’s Creek – This one is a no-brainer. Episodes are short and hilarious. I’ve rewatched this show 3 times because it really is that good!

Emily in Paris – I feel like Netflix has blessed us with this cute comedy-drama show. It’s everything we needed in 2020!

The Good Place – Hilarious and Kristen Bell is in it- need I say more?

The Great British Baking Show – I’ve enjoyed watching this before bed as a stress-free show.

Jane The Virgin – A cute show to watch alone, with friends, or family!

Good Witch – I believe this was previously on Hallmark so it’s the perfect amount of cheesy.

Love, Guaranteed – If you need a night filled with Ben & Jerry’s and a good rom-com, this is your movie!

Happy watching!


Gee Nicolette

Self-Care During Election Season

Today we’re talking politics, well kind of. We’re actually talking about how the heck to stay sane during a global pandemic oh yeah, and the election. I’m sharing a few approachable self-care tips that we can all practice together.

1.) Limit your media intake time – While I know this one might seem obvious, it’s a good tip to follow. Give yourself x amount of time to scroll through your social media newsfeed or digital daily news, and then call it a day. If you’re scrolling at night, meditate or practice some breathing exercises before bed to fully decompress. Think about happy thoughts (puppies, rainbows, equality, you get the picture).

2.) Unfollow accounts that are triggering – For everyone this will look different, but if someone’s content doesn’t make you feel good, click the unfollow button if you need. Some call it petty, I call it self-care. Facebook and Instagram have a lovely feature where you can still keep someone as a friend but hide their content from showing up on your newsfeed.

3.) Get outside – There is something so calming and refreshing about going outside and connecting with nature. Seriously, if you are feeling overwhelmed, try stepping out into nature and taking a breath of fresh air. Close your eyes and feel the sun on your face. Really take a moment to find gratitude in your surroundings.

4.) Reconnect with what makes you feel good – Maybe it’s painting, dancing, singing, etc., whatever it is, do what feels good. Reconnect with yourself and focus on your own personal growth. The world can seem so overwhelming but you know who always has your back? YOU.

5.) Call a loved one – No, I don’t mean call your aunt to argue with her fake news post she just shared on Facebook. Call someone that you genuinely want to talk to, someone that makes you feel good. While you’re talking, challenge yourself to be fully engaged in the conversation (no texting or checking social media while on the phone). Allow yourself to feel fully loved and supported by this person. I also challenge you to express love and support to them as well.

6.) Set boundaries – We hear this phrase ‘setting boundaries’ so much but oh how hard it is to actually set them. By setting boundaries, we are setting the limits of who can come into our space. The goal is to protect and take care of ourselves. The actual boundaries set will look different for everyone – for some, it could be responding to someone with, ‘I’m not going to talk about that with you.’ For others, it could be physically walking away from a triggering conversation. It helps to write down your boundaries, know what your breaking point is, and jot down your plan (exit strategy, responses, etc.)

7.) Watch your favorite show/movie: – When the world feels heavy and I start to lose faith, I pop on a Disney movie to remind myself of simpler times. This is also a great time to watch a light-hearted TV series (Schitt’s Creek anyone?). Let yourself laugh or cry it out!

8.) Journal it out – Put pen to paper and let those thoughts out! Whatever is on your mind, write it down. It feels good to get your feeling out there and process your thoughts/emotions!

9.) Move your body – In some way, shape, or form, get moving! Maybe it’s yoga, maybe it’s dancing in your PJs like you’re on DWTS, just make it happen. It will feel good to move your body, maybe even call up that loved one and ask them to join you on a walk.

10.) VOTE – I had to throw this one in there! As stressful as election season may be, get out and vote. Come up with a plan on voting (early voting, polling locations, times, coordinating transportation, etc.). The more that you can plan, the less stressed you will be!


Gee Nicolette

October 2020 Intentions

Hello October! Here we are greeting a new month. September really came and went quickly. As crazy as 2020 has been, this year seems to be passing by in the blink of an eye. With a new month, comes new intentions to focus and work on.

How do I choose my intentions you ask? I first think of things that haven’t been serving me well or things I’m trying to work on. For example, one of my intentions for October is to practice more gentle yoga. Basically, I’ve been experiencing shoulder pain after pushing myself to only practice Vinyasa style yoga. Well, I’ve learned my lesson and my body is asking me to go gentle sometimes (and to skip some chaturangas).

I invite you to think of some items you want to work on in your own life and join me in setting your own intentions for the month! Maybe it’s waking up 5 minutes earlier to enjoy your coffee in silence or maybe it’s to spend more time with loved ones. Whatever it is, write it down and come up with tiny steps you take every day to help you. Try not to be too hard on yourself, you’re a work in progress.

Here are my October 2020 intentions:

• Practice more gentle yoga (give my shoulder a rest from all of those chaturangas – skip ‘em or take ‘em from your knees) and slow down a bit

• Take breaks – whether it’s taking a lunch break, not texting someone back immediately, or walking away from a stressful situation, take a darn break

• Focus on things that make me feel good (food, activities, people, etc.)

• Soak up the beauty of the fall season and the change in colors (like really look and appreciate it, don’t just do it for the Instagram pic)

What are your October intentions? Feel free to share in the comments or tag me on Instagram @geenicolette.


Gee Nicolette