T-Shirt Versatility

T-Shirt Versatility

When it comes to shopping, who else likes to feel good about their purchases? I know I do. When deciding if I should buy something apparel related, I ask myself if it’s an item I already own and if so, how can I get the most use out of it and how is it different than what I already have?

Sometimes that’s a hard question to ask myself because the result usually ends in me not being able to justify the purchase. However, when it comes to t-shirts, I seem to always find a way to justify the purchase ;). Mainly because graphic t-shirts are so different, unique and versatile!

I’m sharing some of my favorite Tees and how I like to style them for different occasions:

Pair with jeans: a simple and easy way to pair your t-shirt is with a pair of jeans. I was dressing up a causal date night outfit and threw on some jewelry, a fedora and a pair of sandals. Cute for dinner and comfy for a movie or a stroll along the river!

Top: Urban Tee Party. 10% off with code GINA10

Jeans: Francesca’s

Purse: Upstairs Boutique

Shoes: YAS Elegance Boutique

Pair with shorts: when the weather is in the upper 90s and your clothes are sticking to you, comfort is key (while still being stylish, of course). I love that this t-shirt isn’t like any others I own. Aside from having a 90s pop icon printed on the shirt, I like the rolled sleeves and cut outs at the bottom. This was a causal outfit I wore to brunch but it can easily be worn with some skinny jeans, heels and a leather jacket for a ‘cool’ vibe (maybe even throw on a mood ring, tattoo choker necklace and rock out to “Baby One More Time” to fully relive the 90s dream).

Top: Urban Tee Party. 10% off with code GINA10

Purse: Upstairs Boutique

Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Pair with yoga pants: I call this my “getting stuff done look”. As I mentioned before, comfort is a priority for me. After all, I need to be comfortable when sippin’ on a mimosa ;). But really, I wear a lot of yoga clothes whether I’m practicing, teaching or running errands in them. The staff at Joriki suggested I tie a knot in my “Look Forward Give Back” shirt to give it more of a fitted and chic look if I’m wearing it out and about. It’s safe to say I always tie this shirt up and I have it in every color available.

Top and pants: Joriki Yoga. 15% off with GINA15

Pair with a skirt: I love a good skirt and t-shirt combo. It easily elevates a t-shirt and makes it appropriate for a dressier occasion. Add some heels and a blazer for the complete work outfit!

Top: Urban Tee Party. 10% off with code GINA10

Skirt: Express

Shoes: Macy’s

Pair with a cardigan: You can never go wrong with throwing a blazer or cardigan over a t-shirt. On days when I’m feeling more casual, I opt for a solid color cardigan. If I’m feeling like kicking it up a notch, I’ll opt for a a dressier cardigan or blazer.

Top: Urban Tee Party. 10% off with code GINA10

Cardigan: Upstairs Boutique

Shoes: Nordstrom

Happy styling!


Gee Nicolette

Spring Cleaning Fashion Favorites

Spring Cleaning Fashion Favorites

In preparation for Spring, I’ve decided to do some closet cleaning. I tend to hold onto clothes for way longer than necessary. I was able to gather A LOT of items to donate to Goodwill. There’s something about Spring cleaning that is therapeutic and leaves you feeling more positive. Letting go of the old to make room for new things is the way that I look at it both mentally and physically. However, there are always pieces that don’t end up in the Goodwill bag. I wanted to share some of those items that did make the cut during my cleaning binge!
Items for keeping:
1. Pom Pom earrings from Charming Charlie
The Pom Pom and tassel trend was huge last Summer and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. These were definitely a must-keep for me because they’re fun, colorful AND lightweight (always a plus for statement earrings).
Earrings: Charming Charlie
Photography: Denise Kokinis

2. White Pointed Toe Heels 
Okay I have to admit, I’ve had these heels for two and a half years now and they are one of my favorite pairs! Aside from being comfortable, they are also versatile and can be worn to work as well as for a night out. Again, the white shoe trend is huge this year, so these babies will not be leaving my closet anytime soon. White is also such a classic color, making these pair well with different outfits.
Shoes: Ralph Lauren from Macy’s
3. Silver Purse
When it comes to purses, if you’re like me, you have your everyday purse that you wear until it either breaks or you get sick of it and need a new one. You also probably have other purses that you pair with different outfits or for special occasions. I always like to keep neutral color purses in my closet because they go with just about every outfit. This silver Kensie purse is the perfect example of a bag that can compliment just about every outfit. 
Purse: Kensie
Photography: Danielle Heinson
Have you started Spring cleaning yet? Let me know which items made the cut in your closet! 
White Boot Love is True Love

White Boot Love is True Love

My Chicago folks! What has been happening with this crazy weather? Snow one week, then rainstorms, sunshine, and now upper 80s! It leaves me waking up in the morning wondering what the heck should I wear? I stored my winter coat in the back of the closet and do not plan on taking it out until next Winter. Since the Winter seemed to be never-ending, I did a lot of shopping and ended up with way too many boots and booties. However, I am definitely not having buyers remorse about my white booties I picked up from Nordstrom! (but then again, I never have second thoughts about any of my purchases haha). I love these booties so much that I refuse to put them in the back of the closet with my Winter coat. With that being said, I will be wearing these booties this Spring and Summer (and basically until I can’t wear them anymore).

White is such a classic and season-less color that you can get away with wearing any white merchandise all year long! (Don’t let anyone fool you with that no white after Labor Day nonsense). 
Here, I paired my white booties with my new favorite Spring jumpsuit. OH, and my new Spring haircut! 
Jumpsuit: T.J. Maxx. Find other styles here
Sunglasses: Find similar here
Shoes: Nordstrom. Find here (and on sale now!)
Gold Cuff Bracelet: Find similar here