Finding Home Away From Home

Sometimes traveling or being away from our homes can make us feel a little uneasy. My yoga class intention for last week was about finding home in your mind and body. There are some places we visit that remind us how much we miss home and there’s some yoga postures that make us feel uneasy (camel & wheel for me). 
During these times, it’s important to focus on the things that ground us. Our breath, intention, a person, place, etc. If you feel like you’re searching for grounding while being away either mentally or physically, I have a few tips to share! 
1. Get into a routine
I’ve noticed that a routine helps my mind and body stay on track. Maybe that’s finding a gym, yoga studio, or reading a few chapters from your book each night. 

2. Journal & Meditate 
Take some time to slow down and journal. Journaling helps me process my feelings, emotions, but also write down a gratitude list. If you need a little inspiration on what to write about, you can find the meditation journal I use here.
3. #Treatyoself 
Sometimes you need to feed your soul. Find a coffee shop or bakery and treat yourself to a coffee, tea, or in my case, a cookie dough cupcake! Maybe read a magazine, listen to your favorite playlist or a podcast while your enjoying your treat. 
Gee Nicolette

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