Think Before You ‘Gram

A constant struggle for me (and I’m sure others out there) is knowing when to put down the phone and just enjoy the moment. Anyone else guilty of staging a scene so you can get the perfect Instagram photo? It’s exhausting. Always trying to make everything look like it’s ‘perfect’ when in reality behind the flat lay of beauty products is a messy bathroom with makeup all over and an overflowing laundry basket.

Recently, I was out to dinner with my boyfriend and when the food arrived to the table he pushed everything to the center so I can get a picture (he knows the drill). He knows by now that my Instagram followers see my food before I actually consume it, but for the first time in awhile, I told him to just start eating so we could enjoy the meal while it was freshly made.

While I think it’s great to snap some pictures to capture a moment you want to remember, it’s just as important to be present during those occasions and to enjoy special moments to the fullest. What if we minimized how much we share on our Instagram? What if we shared content with intention rather than searching for likes? I’m guilty of not sharing certain photos because I’m fearful they won’t get a lot of engagement.

Besides, Instagram is all about algorithms anyways so likes don’t mean much anymore. I love following accounts that use their platform for good. I would like to see more influencers doing that and using their voice and influence to make a difference!

Instagram and other social media accounts should be fun. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case when there are people who are struggling, triggered by certain accounts, being bullied, etc.

Live your life to the fullest. Sometimes that means taking some pictures and other times it means putting your phone away. Let’s all work on finding the balance in both! Don’t be afraid to unfollow accounts that are triggering or don’t resonate well with you!

Here’s some of my favorite accounts to follow:

What accounts do you follow for inspiration?

Think before you ‘gram.


Gee Nicolette

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