November Intentions

October came and went very quickly. If you’re new here to this blog, at the end of each month, I like to reflect on how it went. I see how I felt and set intentions to work on for the next month. Without further ado, here’s my intentions for November:

November Intentions:

  • Work on using more ‘I statements’
  • Give myself 20 minutes to walk away from a situation and cool down when I’m feeling heated or triggered
  • Drink more gut-friendly smoothies
  • Get more use out of my oil diffuser and make some fall/winter blends
  • Hug more

Below you’ll find my ‘Intention Setting Worksheet’ so you can join me in setting your own!

Outfit details: Sweater from Athleta, Scarf from Pink Jules, Hat from Squasht Boutique, Purse from Upstairs Boutique and shoes from DSW.


Gee Nicolette

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