But First, Self-Love

With Valentine’s Day approaching this week, there’s a lot of talk about love. Whether you are celebrating love with your significant other, family member, friend or even your furry pet, any kind of love is beautiful, but the relationship we need to focus on is with ourselves. The media talks a lot about self-care ritualsContinue reading “But First, Self-Love”

Mental Health Awareness is Badass

I personally feel that us Millennials are going to change the world, one avocado toast at a time. All kidding aside, I think our generation is making it a point to open up and discuss difficult conversations. One of these being mental illness and the struggle many of us face on a daily basis. TalkingContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness is Badass”

Salt 2.0

I’m at it again with another post about…salt. Yes, another activity I was recently introduced to involves salt. Actually, Pink Himalayan Salt to be exact. Halotherapy, or salt therapy, is an alternative treatment that uses salt. Just the other year, I purchased salt lamps and became hooked! I read about the amazing benefits of theseContinue reading “Salt 2.0”