September Intentions

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog then you know I love setting intentions each month. These are things that I’m striving to work on. I always encourage you guys to do the same but I know it can be tricky to come up with on your own! To help you set your ownContinue reading “September Intentions”

July Intentions

The other year I started setting intentions rather than New Year resolutions as a way to evaluate things I wanted to work on and change in my life. A few months ago while scrolling through Instagram, I saw someone post their intentions for the month. I loved this idea because our personal goals, mantras orContinue reading “July Intentions”

Things to Leave Behind in 2018

There are many things that can occur in one year’s time. Those things teach us lessons and help us grow. While mental health awareness increases (which thank goodness for this), more people are ditching New Year resolutions and are starting to cultivate intentions. Intentions can be things that you want to leave behind from theContinue reading “Things to Leave Behind in 2018”