Quarantine Journal Prompts

Is anyone else feeling so many different emotions lately? While we are all staying in, this is a great time to grab a paper, pen and journal. Let out some of those emotions so you can process and hopefully find more grounding during this time.

I’ve put together a few journal prompts to help you get started.

  • What are you feeling in this exact moment? Write down all of the emotions that come up for you. Know that they are totally valid.
  • What can you control in this moment? Can you think of something that you can’t control and let that go if it doesn’t serve you? 
  • What are you grateful for in this exact moment? Write down everything that you can think of. Then, think deeper and pick out more things. Find gratitude in the common things.
  • What can you do to spread love in this moment? (Love for yourself, for others, etc.)
Keep calm and journal on!
Gee Nicolette

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